Rob Tennyson

Fayetteville, AR  |


Rewarding experiences in software development

Employment History

Apr 2018 - Present  |  Freelance Software Developer  |  Uplancing  |  Fayetteville, AR

  • Custom development focusing on enterprise applications utilizing any of the following technologies/methodologies/platforms
    • .NET, ASP.NET, C#, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, SignalR, Web API
    • NHibernate, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, SQL Server
    • RabbitMQ, MSMQ

Jul 2014 - Apr 2018  |  Software Developer  |  U.S. HealthRecord, Inc.  |  Fayetteville, AR

  • New development and maintenance on an online EHR called TeamLINKS
    • .NET, ASP.NET, C#, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, SignalR, AngularJS 1.x
    • NHibernate, SQL Server

Sept 2011 - Jul 2014  |  Freelance Software Developer  |  Iroh Services  |  Fayetteville, AR

  • Custom development focusing on enterprise applications utilizing any of the following technologies/methodologies/platforms
    • .NET, ASP.NET, C#, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, SignalR, Web API
    • NHibernate, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, SQL Server
    • NServiceBus, MSMQ

Dec 2010 - Sept 2011  |  Application Development Manager  |  Microsoft  |  Bentonville, AR

  • The ADM is responsible for understanding the customer's environment, its technical requirements and fit to Microsoft technologies. The ADM serves as the customer's persistent Microsoft point of contact throughout the customer's product development lifecycle, which is a role that is heavily reliant on the ADM possessing excellent customer service skills. The ADM is required to assist the team with quick and efficient resolution of customer's reactive support needs. The ADM will deliver prescriptive consulting guidance in the form of workshops, reviews, prototypes, white papers, and conclusive test results while setting realistic expectations regarding the capabilities and delivery timeframes of Microsoft technologies. It is vital that the ADM works continuously on keeping up-to-date on new Microsoft technologies relevant to the customer's particular needs, while developing relationships with key Microsoft product group resources. The ADM is expected to maintain a collaborative role with customers. The ADM is expected to provide consulting assistance to peers as project workloads allows. The ADM also maintains relationships with Microsoft product managers, providing feedback on product requirements and driving product feature/functionality requests on behalf of Premier customers.

Jan 2008 - Dec 2010  |  Lead Programmer  |  Tyson Foods  |  Springdale, AR

  • Developer on the PPS team (Production Planning Systems).
    • Working on an external website that will allow automated integration with Tyson's co-packers by replacing the current processes which involve the emailing back and forth of Excel spreadsheets and the direct data entry into many internal systems.
    • The site is an ASP.NET website using C# as its language of choice. We are utilizing the .net framework 3.5 as well as AJAX.

Sep 2006 - Jan 2008  |  Senior Programmer  |  Tyson Foods  |  Springdale, AR

  • Developer on the MES team (Manufacturing Execution Systems).
    • Maintained and enhanced the Microsoft Windows application written in C# (.NET 2.0) that was deployed in the Green Forest plant as a pilot deployment.
    • Pushed hard to move to more agile processes. Where this was embraced, the business and developers both enjoyed the benefits of timely and more accurate results.
  • Most notable accomplishment during this time period:
    • Co-founded an internal .NET user group called DEVLOOP (Developing Excellence Via Leveraging Object Oriented Principles). As anyone who leads or is heavily active in a development community knows, this was a tremendous catalyst to furthering my skills as a developer. The ability to advise so many pushed me to relentlessly learn and hone my role as a software craftsman.

Nov 2005 - Sep 2006  |  Senior Programmer  |  Budgetext  |  Fayetteville, AR

  • Developer on an E-Commerce website called
    • ASP .NET 2.0 web application. SQL Server 2000 backend. The project architecture is a 3-tier design implementing a simple Domain Model using Active Record as its data source pattern.
    • As the project approached its first major milestone, I was given additional resources and ultimately lead 6 developers.
    • After the milestone, I was tasked with user acceptance testing, implementing the resulting change requests, and readying the system for production.
    • Worked as a contract-to-hire/consultant. As the contract was expiring, I chose to pursue a very promising opportunity with returning to Tyson instead of renewing. Proved to be a very rewarding decision.

Feb 2003 - Nov 2005  |  Programmer  |  Tyson Foods  |  Springdale, AR

  • Developer in the Software Development Pool (Experiment where Tyson pooled all of the developers as shared resources in IS)
  • Worked on a wide variety of support issues in C, C++, C#, ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript, XML, and SQL (both SQL Server and Oracle)
  • Developed several web application from scratch in ASP.NET
  • Most notable applications:
    • Developed the Enterprise Serial Number Management System to provide the company with a system that can ensure that all cases of finished goods produced will have a serialized identifier. Thus providing them with the ability to uniquely identify any case of product anywhere in the enterprise through the use of its item code and the serialized identifier. This could potentially save the company millions in that a product recall could be localized to a particular batch of products rather than having to recall ALL products created between time X and time Y. The system is a .NET Web service (XML) running at the corporate headquarters that all labeling applications connect to in order to receive their serial numbers.
    • Developed a .NET Windows application that interfaces with a badge reader connected to COM1 and Windows XP to allow employees the ability to log onto a pc with nothing more than their badge. This enabled the company to install workstations on the plant floors with touch screen monitors and no keyboard or mouse, thus reducing cost and maintenance requirements greatly.
    • The development of these three ASP.NET "routing" web applications
      • Service Request System - Automated system for IS project submission and life cycle tracking
      • Capital Improvement Request System - Automated system used to request, approve, and track Capital Improvement Requests
      • Product Action Request System - Automated system used to generate and approve new products

Jan 2002 - Feb 2003  |  Programmer  |  Tyson Foods  |  Springdale, AR

  • Developer on the SLAP team (SLAP = Supplies Labels Applies Promptly)
  • Maintained and enhanced C++ Software that runs static scale label applicators
  • Maintained and enhanced server applications written in C running on Unix platforms

Mar 2001 - Jan 2002  |  Intern  |  Tyson Foods  |  Springdale, AR

  • Intern on the SAP Security team
  • Developed several Windows applications in C++ using MFC to automate repetitive tasks

Jan 1996 - May 1999  |  Computer Technician  |  Reliable Business Systems  |  Gillham, AR

Aug 1993 - Jan 1996  |  Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist  |  US Air Force  |  Anchorage, AK

Education & Training

May 1999 - Dec 2001 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Final GPA of 3.73, Member of the University's Programming Team during the '00-'01 school year, and Accomplished a four year degree in two and a half years
1994 - Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist School, Shepard AFB, TX
1993 - Basic Military Training, Lackland AFB, TX
1993 - Mena High School, AR


February 2011 - MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Web Applications
February 2011 - MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Service Communication Applications
February 2011 - MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Data Access
February 2011 - MCPD: Web Developer 4
March 2006 - TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Application Development Foundation

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