Why I'm Vegan:

In the beginning: becoming vegan was simply my attempt to reduce our risk, or odds, of a couple of major health scares - cancer and heart disease.

Now: in addition to the risk reduction (still believe that), two more things

  1. I believe that animals are capable of suffering.  And I mean ALL animals... I didn't make that connection for most of my life (first 37 years of it).
  2. I no longer believe eating meat or animal by-products is necessary for sufficient health.  Maybe even optimal health (but there is a TON of debate about that).

Therefore, if I don't need animals to be healthy, why in the world would I be OK with contributing to their suffering? For the fun of it? For the love of bacon?!

Note: just in case anyone is watching closely - You'll notice that I'm actually only vegan probably 95% of the time. If you put a waffle or pancake in front of me, I won't ask how they were made. I'll just try to make them disappear as fast as possible. Same goes for many sweets/treats. This is especially true when I'm playing board games with friends during our monthly game nights. It might also be true if gummies happen to cross my path.