Current Expectations

Wednesday, April 30, 2008 8:20 PM


I thought I'd use my first post to set expectations. This is as much for my benefit as it is for anyone who might stumble across my blog.  It's amazing how the act of writing something down really forces us to solidify the idea.

My current intention for this blog is to use it as a place to occasionally come and capture some kind of thought that I either want to share or remember.  Either way, I want that thought to be available to anyone who might also be interested.

The funny thing right now (as I'm writing this) is how many versions of that sentence I've gone through.  I kind of wish I had kept them all!  I would capture an intention and start writing a bit about it to kind of further or clarify it.  Then I would realize that I could just alter the sentence and not need the clarification.

I would like to draw attention to two specific points in the intention though:

"My current intention..."

That means exactly what it says – current.  This may be what I was thinking going in, but there's nothing that says my focus won't completely shift at some point.  I would expect, however, for it to remain fairly consistent as this seems to me a reasonable intention for one's blog.  The main thing that might change is the next thing.

"... occasionally ..."

I don't currently have any intention of regularly updating the blog.  It seems like many people have a metric they shoot for like X number of posts per month or week or something.  I only intend to use this is a medium for capturing thoughts that I want to share or remember.  And that's only the thoughts that I feel strongly enough about to take the time to write them down in some kind of meaningful manner.  I have a lot of trouble with time management currently between family, career, gaming (WoW currently), and reading.  I really don't want to add an additional item to the mix right now.  There's something to be said for "Quality over Quantity" and I seem to be walking a fine line between the two already – mostly because of the gaming is my thought.

Well, that's it for now.  I feel like writing this post was a great start because it really caused me to nail down my thoughts around why I bothered to create a blog and what I hope to get out of it.

Happy coding!