NWA TechFest 2011 - LINQ

by March 28, 2011 11:04 AM

This was my session along with its extract from NWA TechFest 2011:

LINQ and Extension Methods

LINQ has been around for a while now. I heard just the other day, "I think I'm going to start really using LINQ, it seems kind of cool." I almost passed out! So for all of those just now getting acquainted with LINQ, this is the session for you. I'm going to move quickly in the beginning to get out those few things that will make using it all the easier from now on. Then we'll fill whatever remaining time we have with a few advanced queries and some must-have extension methods you'll want to include in all of your projects.

I would venture to say it went great. I got some great feedback and the audience was extremely interactive which is always awesome. Especially loved when we got to the point where I talked about the common extension methods I use in all of my projects. I got a few raised eyebrows and a few looks that made it apparent the person thought I was nuts. Good times!

As promised, here is the source from the session: 2011-03-25_Techfest.zip. And yes, all of the extension methods are in there :)

Happy coding

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