Getting Started with NHibernate

by October 14, 2009 06:40 PM

I gave a presentation to our internal user group at work today (devloop). The topic of the day was "Getting Started with NHibernate". I'd say it went alright.. there was plenty of interest and several people wanted the code afterward. Good sign I suppose. However, I thought I did a crappy job.

  • I didn't prepare hardly at all (though I was given very little notice)
  • I felt chaotic and rushed the whole time (common result of poor prep)
  • I did some things for the sake of time that I would never prescribe on a real project
  • I did some things that added too much noise to the topic at hand (MVC, repository, and unit of work for starters)

So then, I don't think I'll share today's mayhem that resembled C#. Instead I took some time this evening to put together my first screencast. This presentation goes way back to basics and focuses on nothing but getting going with nhibernate, linq to nhibernate, and fluent nhibernate. No patterns. No best practices. Just the absolute basics on getting going from scratch.

The code from the screencast:
The screencast: 2009-10-14_nhibernate.wmv (this seems to have gotten deleted!)

And finally, in case you're wondering...

All in all I had fun putting it together. I am quite sure there are more efficient ways of going about it though :)


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